by shreyavajpei

“Ire fortiter quo nemo ante iit”

As the Latin maxim above says, it is our aim and endeavour to boldly go where no man has gone before. The Blue Pencil is an independent blog run by the students of the Army Institute of Law. The Blue Pencil is the brainchild of Shreya Vajpei and Madhavi Sandhu. It was born out of their desire to create a space untainted by lies, where truth reigned supreme; a space where the achievements and accomplishments of the students and alumni could be celebrated; and above all, a space, medium or interface that would connect AILians, no matter where they were or what they were doing. The Blue Pencil has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception and will continue doing so. The team comprises of fifteen oddballs, who work to promote literature, freedom of expression and limitless creativity, with a manic intensity and passion.

The articles that we publish on the blog are divided under four verticals:

  • Alumni Interviews: Alumni Interviews are published with the aim of facilitating communication between the current students and the alumni. It also serves as a “How To” guide for students and helps give them an idea about the career options they have, how to go about fulfilling career goals etc.

  • Standpoint: We’re an opinionated bunch of people, and through ‘Standpoint’ , we present our take on the conditions in our college, which is our world , and the world outside our world. It is our aim to encourage healthy debate and discussion and to give people some food for thought. As a result, we solve the Hunger problem, by giving people meaty issues to chew on. (Oops! Hope certain saffron puritans out there don’t have a beef with our irreverent sense of humour)

  • Jabberwocky: Inspired by the works of Lewis Carrol, the basic premise of all the Jabberwocky articles is that there is a lot of sense in nonsense, if one would just bother to scratch the surface and delve a little deeper. Jabberwocky is an irreverent, quirky and satirical take on everything under the sun…and then some.

  • Daily Reporting:
  1. Thursday Activities: Reports on the Activities and Guest Lectures that AIL organises for its students every Thursday. Like clockwork.
  2. Achievements: Articles documenting the achievements of students in events organised in and outside the college.
  3. Placements: Reports on all placements, whether campus placements or otherwise.

Apart from the above, The Blue Pencil also has a parallel Events Section, called The Blue Fuze, which is a recent addition to our initiative.

The Blue Pencil has come a long way since its inception. We will grow from strength to strength, for our motto is – “Citius.Altius.Fortius”

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